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How A Special ‘Glow’ Can Sometimes Signal A Woman Or Man Is Cheating

What the hell is a special glow?

That could be what you’re wondering – I’ll tell you right now, it’s what many people wonder about. Especially those that suddenly notice it in their partner’s face, in their eyes, all about them… right out of the blue.

That special glow is can quite often be an indication that a woman or man is cheating.

Pregnant women have a certain glow or ‘bloom’ about them because of hormonal and chemical changes in their bodies. A heightened level of moisture in their skin softens lines and creases in their faces and they have a certain kind of radiance about them, which can be attributed in part to the pinkish blush, caused by increased blood flow around their bodies.

The kind of glow noticed in many cheaters, however, is caused by different biological changes, mostly in the mind.

Endorphins released by the brain, because deep down the cheater is excited by the experience of creeping around and seeking sexual gratification away from the nest, can give them a certain air of increased confidence and assuredness – the glow, if you will.

Their eyes appear to ‘flash’ brighter; they seem live wired at times.

Any normal person would think that something great’s happening between you and them in YOUR relationship. Unfortunately, if this isn’t the case, it may mean something wonderful (in the mind of your cheating spouse) is happening between him/her and a stranger you’ve never even met. Or, as is frequently the case, someone you have met, or do know, but didn’t figure as a betrayer of your trust, as someone who’d cross the line with your partner.

So, keep an out for these changes – the glow – in your partner, and, if they’re present, take them into consideration when looking for other signs of infidelity and when you ultimately decide on how trustworthy they are as a partner.

Also bear in mind that the aforementioned ‘glow’ or unexplained vibrancy of character is often more noticeable in women who cheat than it is when a man is cheating.

One possible reason for this, is that women – to repeat what’s almost become a modern cliché – are more in-tune with their emotions than men.

Now, this isn’t to say that they’re more capable of expressing emotion than men, just that the things going on in their heads, specifically when they’re cheating are more likely to come to the surface and be reflected on the outside in the form of the ‘glow’.

So, if a man is cheating, he may not be as likely to exhibit the ‘glow’ of a cheater as a cheating woman. Bear this mind!

Right, I guess now you know some of the things to look out for you need proof of infidelity within the relationship... Is your husband or wife being unfaithful?


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