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The Hard Proof You Can Use To Prove If Your Husband Or Wife Is Unfaithful

Sometimes guess work and gut instincts aren’t enough when you’re trying to decide for sure if your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife is unfaithful.

That’s why hard, irrefutable proof is often so useful for when it comes to backing up and putting to the test the other signs of infidelity detailed on this site, such as loss of sex drive, emotional displacement, etc.

The best way to think about ‘proof’, the most useful way to think about the all of these signs of an unfaithful wife or hubby, is by using a three-tier system in your mind. Here’s how it works:

1. First, you’ve got your gut instinct; the indefinable feeling of doubt, of suspicion. This feeling’s difficult, if not impossible to logically define, but it’s definitely there. Something, you don’t what, but something, is causing you to wonder if your husband or wife is unfaithful – or, for that matter, your GF, BF, fiancé, etc.

2.  Then come the other signs we’ve already covered; these signs of unfaithfulness aren’t damning enough alone to allow you the surety needed to waltz up to your partner and confront them with what you’ve found. But at the same time, these signs of infidelity are stronger indicators of disloyalty than those covered by the first tier (number one, above). Let’s look at 5 of the best examples from this, the second tier….

Sign A. The car used by your partner has unexplained gas mileage for a journey (for example, to work) that should produce a very different figure. If your partner offers no real reason for this extra mileage/gas consumption on the car, you can consider it somewhat strange/suspicious. Also, bear in mind that the mileage may be LOWER than it perhaps should be. This could be because your partner’s going somewhere that’s not as far away as the place they’ve told you is their destination. Consider all options!

Sign B. All changes in behaviour should be thought about and carefully considered when you’re ‘investigating’ your partner’s loyalty towards you. But there a few specific areas you should look at especially carefully. Think logically about how people have affairs and what those affairs NEED to be maintained. The main thing, of course, is communication. Cheaters communicate with their secret lovers either by seeing them in person (which can often prove tricky/risky) or on the phone (landline or cellular), by paging, text, email, or any other modern day method of communication. So, suspicious activity in these communication areas should be considered especially meaningful. Quick hang-ups when you walk into the room, whispering for no apparent reason…stay alert, and keep both your eyes and ears open…

Sign C. This last sign combines a change of behaviour with other, more concrete indications of infidelity. So, your partner – who before seemed as if they couldn’t care less – seems to rush for the morning post, hides or throws away bills they used to keep for at least a little while, or heads straight into the shower/bathroom when they return home from ‘work’ whereas they used to at least greet you with a peck on the cheek, etc.

We’ll cover the third tier of this system on the next page. Is he or she cheating? More ways to gather hard proof to know for sure!

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