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How To Tell If He Or She Is Cheating

3. This final tier covers all of the signs of infidelity that are 99.9% undeniable, they quite clearly suggest he or she is cheating on you. Just as in Sign C. (in tier 2), these indications of disloyalty can often tie into other, less telling changes in behaviour or mood.

For example, the phone thing. They quite often seem to use the phone when you’re out of the room, but hang up or act suspiciously when you enter. A concrete piece of proof that could be tied into this not-so-hard piece of proof could be *69’ing to check who they were talking to. Or, if your partner was the one doing the calling, making a note of the time and date and checking your itemised phone bill at the end of the month. Other, irrefutable bits of proof:

Sign D. You find an article of clothing of the opposite sex to you partner around the house. Or, perhaps, of the same sex as your partner…Either way, an item such as lipstick that doesn’t belong to you, or boxer shorts that aren’t yours should be considered very strong signs he or she is cheating.

Sign E. Sometimes the only way to prove for sure if he or she is cheating on you is by getting them to admit it. Unfortunately, most cheaters don’t jump at the chance to be honest with you. After all, if they thought honesty was the best policy, they probably wouldn’t be sneaking around behind your back. So, if you can’t get it from the horse’s mouth, look elsewhere. Often, however much of a shame it is, mutual friends of you and your partner can have a good idea of what’s going on. As someone who’s being cheated on, you can sometimes sense this in the mutual friends that know. They clam up when you innocently bring up the topic of your relationship with your partner. Or they, for no apparent reason, seem to suggest you should break it off or at least start looking elsewhere for a new lover. Biting the bullet and asking these friends, if you feel they might know something, can sometimes provide the damning bit of evidence you need to prove if your partner’s betraying you.

Now we're going to look at the growing problem of cheating online


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