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e-Flings: How Online Cheating Can Lead To Or Signal An Ongoing Affair!

The big problem cheaters have faced throughout the ages has always been keeping their promiscuous, adulterous affairs secret from their ‘official’ lovers – whether it’s their wife or husband, or their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Unfortunately, modern technology has helped cheaters all over the world do this, by providing methods of instant and anonymous communication between computers – a world fertile for online cheating, either through email or instant messenger programs.

Now, for the first time in history...

A guy can talk to a girl (or the other way around), to arrange an illicit meeting, engage in cyber-sex, or simply flirt for a few hours, at the touch of a button and behind their partner’s backs all online.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s an extra problem. Millions of people use computers daily for completely innocent reasons, not for online cheating. That makes it difficult for anyone who’s at all suspicious their partner might be cheating online to know for sure if in fact they are – especially if they aren’t computer savvy themselves.

Before we talk about how you can spot if your lover’s cheating online, let’s explore the issue of ‘e-Flings’ a little more.

Firstly, some stats: close to 40% of people have engaged in explicit sexually-orientated conversation while online. In the opinion of most people, as I’m sure you agree, talking to someone online about kinky sexual things, having cyber-sex, can be equated with cheating – and if not cheating, then a pretty serious breach in trust. Now, another stat: 50% of people who’ve chatted with someone online have taken it to the next level by speaking to them on the phone. Combing these two statistics paints a slightly worrying picture in the minds of many people – it means there’s a chance their partner is ‘cheating’ on them while they’re online.

So, why do people choose cheating online as a way of having or starting an affair? First, there’s the chance and temptation factor. It’s not difficult to find people online to talk to; there are thousands upon thousands of chat rooms and ways of locating people of the opposite sex to talk to online. For a bored, lonely, horny and unscrupulous person, it can be hard to fight the urge to converse online with a stranger. They feel it’s exciting and a way to talk about things they perhaps can’t with their actual, real-life partner. Whether or not they’re right to seek out this kind of attention online behind your back is debatable and only you can decide if it’s a justified action.

Before you’re actually in a position to decide how you feel about your partner talking sexually on the internet with someone – cheating online – it’s vital you know how to tell it it’s likely that’s what is actually happening…if it’s the case.

We’ll look at the 5 strongest signs of online cheating (which sounds like a teenager would do with his favorite shoot em up!) or internet infidelity for want of a better term - in the section that follows.

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