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7 Tips To Expose A Cheating Spouse Online

The Internet is a technologically advanced wonder that allows a variety of users to communicate with an infinite number of individuals across the globe. While the World Wide Web is a grand method of idea exchange and education, it is also a booming resource for socialization, often pairing strangers together in a virtual dating scene.

Looking for companionship and comfort on the Internet is healthy and normal for single individuals, but when spouses participate in an online relationship, all of the fun and games associated with the Internet become a threat to your marriage. Cheating doesn’t always occur outside of the home. In fact, the computer could turn into your worst enemy as your wife or husband secretly types sweet nothings to others in the comfort of your own home.

When you wish to expose a cheating spouse who is using the Internet in an inappropriate manner, there are a few signs to pay attention to. Below you will find seven tips that may answer a few questions why your spouse is so attached to their Internet use.

1) Increased Internet Activity

Was there a time when your spouse wasn’t exactly interested in the Internet and now all of a sudden you have trouble prying their fingers from the keyboard? When an unusual amount of Internet activity unexpectedly presents itself, you may have cause to investigate the source of the abrupt interest. Perhaps, your wife has recently encountered the additive world of online shopping, but it can’t hurt to express your curiosity regarding the situation.

2) Secret Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a common method of communication for secret lovers, who are able to enjoy real time chatting without the lingering wait associated with emails. If you notice an increase in the frequency of IM pop-ups on your computer screen, your significant other may have found another to share their intimate thoughts with. Keep an eye out for increased instant message activity.

3) Suspicious Screen Behavior

Have you ever entered the room and your husband immediately minimizes his current screen so you are unable to see what he was looking at? Does he close programs in a suspicious manner or simply turn the monitor off? These are warning signs that he might be communicating with another. In a joking manner, ask what he is up to and if he seems abrasive or unresponsive in his answer, there is cause to wonder.

4) Try a Computer Interruption Test

If suspicious computer screen habits or Internet use becomes too much to bear, you might want to try the following test. When your spouse has been on the computer for a long time, come up with an excuse to pull them away from the computer. Tell them they have a phone call or someone is at the door for them. Stage a mini-emergency only they can fix; whatever the excuse, get them to leave the computer. As bad as it may seem, once they leave the computer, try to trace their website visits or view their current screens and correspondences. If you’re lucky, you may find clues, but it is important to act fast. Once they return, they will ask questions. Simply tell them you were just checking your email.

5) Late-Night Use

Make a note of how often your significant other uses the computer in the middle of the night. This is when many late-night communications take place (when the other partner is asleep). When you suspect foul play, you might want to keep one eye open to track their habits.

6) Can’t Live Without the Computer

Most times, cheating spouses who contact their lovers on the Internet cannot bear to miss a check-up on their day, whereabouts, or emails. If you take the computer away for a couple of days (feigning maintenance problems), a cheating spouse may exhibit erratic and/or frustrated behavior. If they go out of their way to access the Internet, you might want to ask yourself what is so important that they can’t wait for a couple of days.

7) History Check

Most cheating spouses are clever enough to clean up traces of unacceptable communication with others, but then there are those who get sloppy. They might let incriminating evidence slip through the cracks, such as allowing the PC to record the history of visited websites. Checking the history is easy, which will shed light on some of the Internet activities your spouse engages in. Sometimes, the history is not kept, but changing a few settings in the control panel to keep track is quite easy.

Next I'm going to introduce you to the concept of recording their behaviour to help tell you if your lover is cheating.

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