Reveal Cheating

How To Track And Record Behaviour To Reveal If There’s Cheating In Your Relationship

Now you know WHY keeping a journal of unusual or uncharacteristic changes in your partner is so effective in revealing if there’s cheating in your relationship, it’s time to find out HOW to do it right.

Always follow the following 4 rules:

Rule 1: Use a notepad or diary to record everything, as opposed to a computer or any other digital device. Writing down everything in your own handwriting, with a pen and paper, helps cement each sign of infidelity in your mind more than if you typed them out. Also, a small notebook or diary is usually more portable than a PC, laptop or palm pilot, which could prove important if/when you need to record a potential indication of disloyalty away from the house.

Rule 2: It’s really important that you keep your ‘investigation’ secret while it’s on-going. If your partner IS cheating and finds out that you’ve been (rightfully) snooping around and looking into things, it’s pretty likely they’ll tighten up their actions or even break off the affair for a while; either of these events would make it much, much harder for you to get to the bottom of what’s been going on. So, keep your journal with you all the time or safe in a place you know for sure your partner won’t go looking, either intentionally or inadvertently.

Rule 3: Whenever you spot something suspicious, whether it’s a sign of infidelity detailed on this site or something else that – for whatever reason – makes you distrustful, record it OBJECTIVELY in your journal along with the time and date it happened and whether it’s the first time you’ve spotted it or, alternatively, a repeated potential indicator of that your partner could be cheating in your relationship.

Rule 4: Maintain the diary/journal for as long as you can. Only stop looking for and recording suspicious changes in behaviour, moods, etc. once one of the following 2 things happens.

A: No new indications of infidelity can be spotted. Either they’ve stopped or are repeating in a noticeable pattern. For example, your partner is late every Wednesday, chats late at night on Thursdays, and repeats both of these unusual bits of behaviour in a weekly cycle.

B: After recording strange happenings for a couple of weeks of so in your journal, you have looked over what you’ve noted and feel sure your partner’s up to no good and are confident enough with what you’ve discovered to confront them.

Remember, most affairs last more than a couple of weeks.

Although this sucks for you, if your partner IS cheating, it gives you the ability to record things and get an accurate and objective perspective of your situation and, at the same time, gauge how likely it is that your lover ‘loves’ someone else.

Now, if you've ever asked yourself why a man cheats, or a woman cheats for that matter, I'm going to go into that next.

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