Reveal Cheating

Why A Man Cheats On A Woman And A Woman On A Man

Who’s Ultimately To Blame?

If you’ve read through this site’s pages in order, you’ll already have a good idea of:

1. How widespread the problem of cheating is among couples of all ages.

2. What some of the rough signs of infidelity consist of.

3. How to keep a record of all noticeable signs of cheating to help you judge exactly what might be going on – whether your man cheats on you or, conversely, your woman.

With all 3 of the points above infidelity spotting tips combined, you’re in a good position.

You’re able to get a good idea of the situation you’re in, whether your suspicions are justified, etc. Now, after keeping a journal or record of all of the potentially telling changes in behaviour and mood of your partner, you could feel about ready to confront them, to tell them what you’ve found and what you think. But don’t jump the gun just yet.

One further aspect of infidelity that sometimes goes fairly un-talked about or that’s not often thought about as heavily as some of the other facets of the problem is who’s to blame – which of you is ultimately responsible, or holds the majority of responsibility, for the other deciding to cheat.

In the opinion of many, if a man cheats on his wife, of if a wife is disloyal to her husband, the cheating party – whichever way round it is – is 100% at fault.

But in some relationships, within certain circumstances, it’s not as black and white as that; there are, as is the case in so many complex issues, shades of grey.

Right off the bat, here are three things that could – in some people’s opinion – precipitate or contribute towards making a man or woman decide to cheat. At the centre of each is the ‘innocent party’. Read them through and consider the implications of each, how each one could potentially influence someone’s decision when contemplating whether or not they should betray their partner behind their back. Also, try to objectively decide whether or not you’ve done the same or a similar thing to any of the three options detailed in the section that follows.

The 3 key points you should consider when attempting to catch a cheating spouse.

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