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The 3 Key Points You Should Consider When Attempting To Catch A Cheating Spouse

When you decide to try and catch a cheating spouse, it’s important you consider the following 3 points. They could affect how you choose to confront and/or judge your partner if you do discover they are being disloyal to you.

1. Not fulfilling the physical needs of your partner. It’s often hard to know whether or not you’re truly giving your partner what they want, when they want it when it comes to physical gratification, I.E. sex and physical closeness. But if a man or woman feels they aren’t receiving what they should, what perhaps they ‘deserve’, from their partner in bed and at the same time also feel they can’t ask for it or initiate the change themselves, they may go looking for it elsewhere if they are that way inclined.

2. Not fulfilling the emotional needs of your partner. This issue is usually much more complex than the one above, because a man or woman’s emotional needs can be so diverse and different to those around them, pinning down what they want and if they can realistically get it from anyone, let alone their current partner, is a tricky affair. But it’s true: many millions of people cheat because they consciously or subconsciously feel they aren’t getting what they need from their partner in terms of acceptance, love, moral support, etc.

3. If the sex life between a man and woman is perfectly fine by all normal standards and the same can be said for the emotional needs of both parties being fulfilled, the only other real reason either the man or woman may choose to cheat is because they’ve found something/someone better elsewhere. That means that maybe after a big fight – when the male or female is at their most angry and most liable to at least look elsewhere – they find someone that can provide them with better sexual experiences, better emotional understanding, or both. Often it’s a revenge thing that just happens to blossom and become a longer affair.

If you’ve got some pretty solid proof that your partner’s cheating on you, and therefore you have been reading up on how to catch a cheating spouse, don’t confront them until you’ve read and re-read the above 3 points. If you feel that in any way you may have contributed, aided or maybe even pushed your partner into cheating on you – not that it makes it right for them to do so – consider that fact carefully. It may affect how you confront them if/when you decide to.

If you’ve tried your hardest to honestly identify areas where you may have contributed to the negative aspects of your relationship, which could have pushed your partner in some way into having an affair – whether it’s your fault or not – you should once again consider this carefully before you decide to confront them.

And now you know the importance of considering what – if anything – you may have done or are doing that could contribute towards the reason your woman or man cheats, you’re ready to think properly about how to confront them. Let’s move onto the best and worst ways of bringing up the subject of cheating with your partner, and everything you should remember to do and not do if/when the time comes.

Find out if you husband is cheating and the best way to confront him!

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