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5 golden rules of confronting a cheater partner and dealing with infidelity

When you finally decide you’re ready and prepared to confront a lover/spouse you think has been cheating on you, remember the following 5 golden rules. Remembering and following them is the best way to go about dealing with infidelity in the long run.

Golden rule #1: If have kept a journal or diary of your partner’s suspicious behaviour and activities, don’t have it there with you when you confront them. You want the actual confrontation to be as calm and civilised as possible. Not only is that the most stress-free way of bringing up the issue of cheating, it also means they won’t have an excuse to storm out of the house (and thereby sidestep admitting the truth) – which so often happens when both the victim and cheater try to shout each other down.

Golden rule #2: This follows on from rule 1: keep calm and collected. Try to focus on facts as opposed to allowing your emotions take over. Present what you’ve found (verbally) and ask simple, direct and logical questions. Don’t fire questions at your partner in quick succession – give them the chance to reply in full.

Golden rule #3: Dealing with infidelity properly always involves the consideration of all parties involved. If you have children, conduct the confrontation with your partner away from them. Leave no chance that they may hear you in the middle of what could be a life-changing discussion for you, them, and your partner.

Golden rule #4: Remember what first attracted you to your partner, and what – if it’s the case – you love about them. Also remember that good relationships are built on trust and always stress this point when you discuss cheating with your partner.

Golden rule #5: Try to let your partner know that you don’t consider yourself unconditionally blameless. If your spouse has admitted they’ve cheated on you, or are close to doing so, bring up the possibility that you may not have been giving them what they needed (emotionally, physically, or otherwise) – even if it’s just to further the discussion and get things set out clearer in your own mind.

Keep those 5 golden rules in mind if/when you confront your partner, they should help things run as smoothly as possible when dealing with infidelity. Now, I'll move onto using private investigators to investigate your spouse.


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