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Getting your money’s worth and finding out the truth – the 4 things to bear in mind when you hire a private investigator

When you decide to hire a private investigator, always bear the following 4 things in mind – they’ll help keep you and your money safe and help ensure you find out whether or not you can trust your partner.

1. Always draw up a detailed contract with the private investigator detailing what you expect them to do for you. If they don’t agree to enter into such a contract, don’t hire them!

2. Most U.S states require private investigators to be properly licensed. If the P.I. can’t show you a copy their licence when requested, again, don’t hire them. Also, make sure they’re insured, so if they cause any accidental damage or otherwise get in trouble, you aren’t stuck with the bill.

3. Be careful of people/companies that say they can investigate for you, but in reality only have limited resources to do so – for example, there are many online companies that have access to information records but don’t have the above mentioned licence to do the things you require of them, the things that’ll actually help reveal whether or not your spouse is cheating on you.

4. Ask about their experience as a company and/or individual investigator. When you hire a private investigator, you want someone who’s going to give you a good quality service for your money, so try and find out as much as you can about what they’ve done in the past and their previous success rates.

The above 4 points, coupled with good common sense, will massively increase your chances of finding a good P.I., someone who’ll give you the answer to the question you want answered so badly: can you really trust your partner?

Now we'll recap with seven signs of cheating

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