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The Seven Signs Of Cheating -

And how to spot them!

It would be a perfect love affair if committed relationships stayed committed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often times, the reason couples break up is when one of the people in the relationship strays.

Signs of a cheating do show up eventually

It's recognizing the signs

Quite often, your instincts begin telling you that something is amiss, but you might ignore these early signs, not wanting to believe your partner is seeing someone else. Denial is a very strong force.

Some of the early warning signs of cheating are subtle shifts of behavior. These early signs, in themselves, are not enough to draw conclusions that are absolute. You might notice your partner seems preoccupied in general at first. If your spouse is cheating, these subtle shifts of behavior will begin to manifest more, revealing more signs and changes that something is wrong.

1. Usually, signs of cheating are easy enough to see if you trust your intuition. Listen to what your gut is telling you. If your instincts are telling you something is amiss, your partner is seeing someone else, pay attention to this. It is one of the first signs of a partner cheating.

2. Your spouse begins coming home late from work, or finding excuses to leave the house without offering viable solid reasons that ring true. If your husband or wife starts coming home late from work on a regular basis, a red flag should shoot up.

Maybe your husband tells you that he is coming home late now because of business. Could be your wife claims she is only going out to shop at the mall, but never comes home with anything new because she can't find what she is looking for.

It is entirely possible that these excuses are the truth. But, if your spouse seems upset and irritated with you for asking where they were, or they are giving you a brush off with a "none of your business" attitude, something could be amiss.

3. Lack of affection is another sign. When the sex life begins to take a nose dive, pay attention. When your relationship's intimacy pattern changes into one where your partner seems to be avoiding you, something is wrong.

4. Spending less time, in general, with the children and a general lack of interest in the family dynamics. When your spouse is at home, but his or her head seems to be miles away from the house, this is a sign your partner is preoccupied with something else of more importance to them.

5. Phone calls from the other room. When your partner begins making or taking calls from a place in the house where no one can hear the conversation and you start feeling the calls are of a secretive nature, this too can be a sign of cheating. Also, if you suddenly begin receiving "hang up" calls but your spouse does not get them, this is also a sign of infidelity.

6. Another common sign of cheating is when your partner begins spending most of their free time without you. Your spouse never seems to have the time to spend with you anymore. The excuses offered might seem valid, but overall, you do not seem to be the most important person in your partner's life any more.

7. Physical signs of cheating. Condom wrapper in the back seat of his or her car. Finding lipstick smudges on his shirt collar. Strands of hair on clothing that do not belong to you, or your spouse. The scent of perfume or mens cologne on your partner. Suddenly taking showers as soon as your partner comes home late from work. These signs all point in a cheating direction.

In conclusion, there are many signs of a cheating spouse. Many signs alone do not make a cheating partner. Yet, when enough signs manifest, then it is very likely your partner is cheating on you. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you. If your intuition is screaming that your spouse is having an affair, then there is probably good reason to suspect fowl play.


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