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When Looking For Warning Signs Of Infidelity, Remember To Always Consider 2 Special Things

When you’re on the look out for the warning signs of infidelity, remember to keep the following two points in mind. They’ll help you weigh up what you’ve found, dismiss the things that don’t mean anything and, finally, highlight the signs that do indicate the possible presence of infidelity.

1. All affairs have to begin at a definite time.

In other words, there’ll always be a point when an affair has properly ‘begun’. Because of this, stark differences in the behaviour, moods, attitude and character of your partner can become apparent – together, these differences can be classified as the warning signs of infidelity. It’s these specific, definable and often sudden changes between how they usually or ‘used to’ act or behave that can clue you into what they’re doing and if they’re ultimately being unfaithful to you.

Conversely, if you notice one of the warning signs of a infidelity listed here, but your partner’s always behaved that way or been prone to mood swings – or whatever it may be – it’s much, much less likely that it can be attributed to them being unfaithful to you. Bear this in mind!

Don’t let paranoia overpower logic when you’re looking for the warning signs of infidelity.

The simple rule of thumb?

Sudden changes equal definite reasons; they mean something’s precipitated an alteration – which could mean they’re cheating. Very, very gradual changes or the presence of a sign of cheating from when you first met your partner up until now, are much less likely to indicate deceitfulness. It may sound an obvious theory, but many people – worrying about unfaithfulness in their relationship, forget or choose to ignore this simple principle. “I don’t care if they’ve always left the house at 7am! It must indicate they’re a cheat! It must!”

2. Some signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, or that your spouse is being disloyal, can every so often be attributed to other things.

In essence, they may exhibit signs of unfaithfulness that in fact aren’t caused by them cheating on you, but instead some other innocuous set of circumstances. Just like you can’t judge if someone is lying to you simply because they’re crossing their arms, you cannot decide with any real certainty if your partner is cheating on you from the presence of single ‘sign of disloyalty’.

The key is to take everything you can into consideration.

If, after doing that, all signs still point to infidelity, if there’s no other apparent reason for them to be acting strangely or for their moods to be a certain way, you can safely assume something’s going on and either confront them or continue investigating to gather more evidence, and often, hard irrefutable proof.

Okay, let’s go. The signs, the indications, the giveaway signals – the things you can identify without hiring a private eye and without stalking your partner every step they make, to every place they go, to each person they visit. In the next section, we’ll start with a biggie...

Changes In Sex And Romance – Does It Mean He Or She Is Cheating?


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