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Changes In Sex And Romance – Does It Mean He Or She Is Cheating?

Differences and strange alterations in the amount of sex you have with your partner can be used as a pretty strong indicator of whether or not she or he is cheating. There’s a good reason for this.

Sex is considered by most to be a massive part of any relationship. How much of it you have, how good what you have of it is, whether you’re doing yourself justice and pleasing your partner.

Sex and romance are inextricably linked; you almost can’t have one without the other.

At least, if you’re missing one but have the other, whichever you DO have can never be as good as if you had both working in harmony.

And it’s because sex is so important to us as people, as social animals, that we seek it out so heavily. And consequently, it’s what causes so many people who are unhappy with the sex they’re getting in their current relationship to cheat on their partners and go and find a more exciting and satisfying source of psychical pleasure.

Consider the reason many people cheat. It’s not for good conversation or to swap laundry tips – it’s a sexual thing.

And when people decide to have sex with someone else behind their partners’ backs, it goes without saying that, in the vast majority of cases, the sex at home, and/or their attitude towards it – with their actual, original, spouse – will change in some way. It’s this change or number of changes that you can spot and use as an indication that she or he is cheating on you.

Next we’ll look at how a change in the sex life of a man and woman can occur when one of them is disloyal, when he or she is cheating on the other.

Is a drop in sex drive a sure-fire sign of infidelity even within a marriage?


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