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How A Drop In Sex Drive CAN Indicate There’s Infidelity In A Marriage Or Relationship

Many men and women get really confused when their partner’s sex drive suddenly seems to drop. For some reason, they aren’t as willing to hop in the sack and mess around as they used to be.

If they’re cheating, this happens for two reasons. Firstly, she or he knows they’re cheating and that they’re the one responsible for creating the infidelity in your marriage, and therefore they subconsciously worry they’ll give themselves away while having sex with you. Either because of their new or otherwise different technique, level of enthusiasm or just the look in their eyes.

Secondly, there’s the guilt factor. It’s difficult to not feel close to someone when you’re face to face, making love, having sex, doing the deed. The heavy sense of guilt felt by the average man when he is cheating and the average woman when she’s being disloyal, coupled with the fear of being found out, makes them hesitant to show all their cards by continuing a normal sex life with you, the way it used to be.

If this seems to be the case with you and your partner, if the sex you’re having has dropped – or stopped altogether – and if you think it may be because there’s infidelity in your marriage, try to gauge how your partner feels about it. If he/she has brought it up in conversation themselves, by raising it as a point of contention, then it’s possible the loss of their sex drive, or the decrease in the amount of sex you’re having, is due to something other than them cheating.

Raising the topic of sex when you’re cheating is almost like a card-cheat asking the dealer if they get a lot of swindlers in the casino: risky and somewhat foolhardy.

If, however, the amount of sex you have has dropped considerably, or if it feels widely different (worse) than it used to and your partner doesn’t bring it up as an issue that needs dealing with, you MUST ask yourself WHY they haven’t.

If nothing in their job has recently changed and created a lot stress for them, if you feel you’ve done nothing to cripple your partner’s desire for sex, then you have a good reason to be suspicious of them.

Most people would consider it a strong indicator that there’s infidelity in a marriage or relationship.

But continue to look for evidence elsewhere. That’s the best way of answering the question: “Is there infidelity in MY marriage or relationship”

Does your partner or spouse use excuses all the time? Could this be a sign that your husband or wife cheats?


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