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They Seem To Use Excuses All The Time. Does it mean my wife or husband cheats on me?

As you’ve already learnt, no matter if it’s a husband that cheats or a wife, all cheaters struggle to hide their guilt in some way or another.

How much they have to struggle depends on the awareness and astuteness of their partners. If their lover’s a little on the slow side, they might get away with their cheating on a daily basis, uninterrupted and undiscovered, for years. But most of us aren’t dim-witted enough to make cheating a cinch for our partners. We’re not Sherlock Holmes, but at the same time we ain’t no Homer Simpson.

The majority of people, predictably, are averagely aware and of average astuteness. This means that most cheaters need to make excuses every now and then to explain away the inconsistencies and strange occurrences created by their cheating.

Things like ‘arriving home from work’ later than expected a couple times a week, or why so many people seem to be ‘wrongly dialling’ your home phone number.

Keep an eye out for times when your partner seems to make an abnormal number of excuses, times when they seem to have an unusual excuse on hand to explain away minor, but telling events (such as mystery phone calls and lateness) – they sometimes turn out to be signs of infidelity.


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