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How Signs Of Infidelity Can Be Spotted In The Way Cheaters Change Their Behaviour

When someone begins and goes on to maintain an affair, they often subconsciously alter the way they behave day-to-day and therefore leave tracks that you can follow, signs of infidelity.

The reason they change their behaviour, without even realising, is usually down to the way their moods modify due to their infidelity. For you, as a partner who’s on the lookout for signs of infidelity, alterations in the way your partner behaves around you, others and by themselves can be a goldmine of information, that you can ultimately use to decide whether or not you can trust them.

The first change of behaviour to look for can be classified as enhanced self-grooming.

In essence, your partner begins to pay more attention to the way they look and smell. They may spend more time in front of the mirror, for no apparent reason, before heading to work - a mundane place they’ve commuted to for years. Shopping bills for clothes may suddenly seem to rise, when there seem to be no social events or celebrations to justify increased spending on luxury items such as fancy garments and fragrances.

Remember, it’s essential to look at your situation and the circumstances your partner lives in – their work place, their friends you don’t know very well, etc. – to accurately gauge how significant changes such as increased self-grooming are. And, of course, whether these apparent signs of infidelity (which come out as changes in their behaviour) are actually caused by cheating or, instead, something much more innocent.

This change in behaviour, one of many signs of infidelity, can actually sometimes be noticeable in reverse. That’s what we’ll look at next.

Here are more signs of a cheating man or woman.


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