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Increased Affection And Attention Towards Their Partners – A Common Sign Of A Cheating Man Or Woman

A change in behaviour you should always look out for is a substantial increase in how much attention they pay YOU. This can sometimes be a strong sign of a cheating man or woman. I know it may seem like a strange concept at first glance – after all, if they’ve chosen to cheat, surely you’re the last person they’re likely to have an increased interest in. But it’s not uncommon at all. Many cheaters ask their partners, the person they’re betraying, more questions on, say, what happened at work that day, how they’ve been feeling, what they’ve been reading, etc.

Psychoanalysts call this action ‘displacement’.

The reason it happens is because, subconsciously, cheaters want to keep the focus of their partners off them as much as possible.
To achieve this, they invest more interest in them, because while answering questions posed by the cheating partners, the betrayed party are effectively put-off, misdirected.

If this happens to you, and you can’t see any reason why your partner would suddenly become vastly more interested in mostly mundane aspects of your day, or they request details on minor subjects that relate to you, consider it suspicious – after all, in many situations it’s a sign of a man cheating, or of a woman being disloyal.

Also, remember that displacement can work in other ways, aside from just an increase in how many questions they ask you about what you think about certain things and how your day went. They may offer to cook a few more meals than they’ve ever done before or give you full control of the T.V. all night long when in the past they were a remote hog. The mind of a cheater is complex and creative and the ways they displace attention away from themselves can be equally crafty, so counteract their possible deception by thinking ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to looking for the signs of a cheating man or woman.


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